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The Transition Service

Our service is focused on practical advice for aspiring non-executive directors.

We work with two types of client:

  • Former executives starting a non-executive portfolio career
  • Executives looking for a non-executive role alongside their executive role

We deliver the following:

  • Compress the time frame to prepare and transition
  • Improve the quality of preparation and transition
  • Increase personal effectiveness in sourcing roles
  • Increase the chances of launching a non-executive career successfully

For each client our transition service includes:

Motives and Preparation Assessment

We recognise aspiring non-executives will have initial thoughts and ideas on becoming a non-executive.

We explore your motives and preparation to date by asking the key questions regarding the transition.

The answers allow us to develop an action plan tailored to your needs to complete the transition successfully.

Career Review

It is essential to review your executive career experience to identify how you can contribute as a non-executive director.

Our in-depth career review identifies what you can offer at board level.

Preparing for Networking

Every aspiring non-executive will need an “elevator pitch” to articulate their non-executive ambitions.

We call this a Memorable Repeatable Message (MRM). It needs to be specific, short and easy to understand so anybody made aware of your ambitions can remember and repeat them.

We work with you to prepare this essential networking message.

The Non-executive CV

It is essential to get your CV right.

The non-executive CV is different. It is focused on developing opportunities.

A well prepared CV increases your chances of being known, remembered, recommended, findable and contactable.

Using our non-executive CV expertise we prepare the right CV for you.

Accelerated Networking

In addition to your own contacts recruiters will be an essential part of your networking plan.

The recruitment industry is fragmented and opaque so finding relevant recruiters is difficult and time consuming.

We have researched the market and identified the UK recruitment firms with a focus on non-executive appointments.

The list we produce includes over 100 individual recruiters from circa 25 firms.

The list will save you significant time in identifying and contacting appropriate recruiters.

Non-executive Director Candidate Registration Sites

Beyond your own network and relevant recruiters, non-executive candidate registration sites will form the third element of an effective networking plan.

There are several options and quality and purpose can vary.

We recommend three organisations and can facilitate direct introductions.

Market Intelligence

There are several information sources available for aspiring non-executives.

Walgrove has identified 15 organisations we believe cover all the information you need to know.

We provide you with this information which means you will save considerable time when sourcing relevant market information.

Review Meetings

Our service includes review meetings after three and nine months to discuss the ups and downs of progress. There will be a mix of successes and disappointments. It is important to review both.

After three months the initial responses from implementing your networking plan should be available to discuss.

After nine months a flow of non-executive opportunities should have started to develop and hopefully maybe your first appointment is visible, imminent or completed.


We will work with you to deliver the service within four to six weeks.


To find out about our fees and the payment structure please contact us.

What clients say

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    Robert Hunt

    NED Policy Connect, Chief Corporate Officer, Veolia UK

  • Mike's clarity of thinking and strategic know-how helped me significantly to re-form my CV for the non-exec eye. His suggestions were all useful and the benefits not just to my ...


    Clarissa Farr

    Portfolio NED Education/Arts sectors including Trustee, The British Museum