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I met Mike via the Financial Times NED Diploma which I have just successfully completed. I initially approached him for guidance on preparation of a CV tailored for the non-executive phase of my career, (not having written a CV for many years!), but I also sought his help on the overall transition process from an executive to non-executive life. I knew this move would be a significant career change and wanted to ensure I made the best of it. I have engaged the transition service to run through the 12 month notice period of my last executive role. Mike’s counsel and insight enabled me to focus on the key issues involved in the transition. He also helped me clearly identify the potential value I could bring as a non-executive. This is proving most beneficial and I am now in the process of adding to my non-executive portfolio in advance of formally going plural later this year. Mike’s support is very helpful in determining not only the type of role that I should be looking at but , perhaps more importantly, the type of organisations to which I should be applying to. For those in similar positions who have a cadre of both experience and skills but need guidance on how to leverage them and to frame a plan of action, Mike is invaluable.

Robert Hunt

NED Policy Connect, Chief Corporate Officer, Veolia UK