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Mike’s coaching skills represent a unique combination of being relentlessly encouraging and upbeat and being courageous and experienced enough to be brutally honest by telling me what I need to hear even if it’s not what I wish to hear! This combination results in clarity of thought about what my marketable skills are in NED world and a realistic view of where those skills might be put to use. Without this clarity all the networking in the world would be meaningless— as I discovered before working with Mike. I also admire his CV writing style— simple, concise and devoid of professional puffery and hyperbole which makes me—and I think most—feel uncomfortable and is in any event counterproductive. The detailed information on recruiters focused on NED work was a huge time saver too. By emailing the right people my newly focused CV I secured some great networking meetings very quickly.

John Dunn

Portfolio NED focused on family businesses & former Partner Jones Day