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I was introduced to Mike through a contact and it quickly became apparent that he is someone who knows the NED space thoroughly and, given that it is his area of specialisation, he gives tailored and value-added advice. He was able to take a ‘generalist’ CV / career summary and help to turn it into a document that is specifically directed at particular NED roles. Throughout the process he was suggestive rather than prescriptive, making it clear that the document was owned by the client and that the final version reflected the clients wishes as well as his input. In terms of advice, Mike was always clear and consistent on the course of action that he was suggesting, ruling out ‘blind alleys’ but being extremely positive about areas of strength and where energies should be directed. He was also happy to suggest useful resources even if they effectively compete with his services. I highly recommend Mike Clancy to all prospective NEDs.

Charles Brock

Portfolio NED, Fund Management & Not for Profit sectors