Photo: board meeting

I used the BVCA Directory to identify PE houses that had an interest in investing in technology centric businesses. I shared my CV with about 40 via email, targeting the PE individual who looked most appropriate. I followed up with each house by telephone. Over six months I got face2face meetings with all but one but it required persistence! These guys don’t have lists of deals looking for NXDs; you have to be lucky with your timing and make sure that you keep your name in their mind by staying in touch. In the middle of this process I was invited to look at my first deal with Inflexion and this completed a few months later. Other deals followed. Getting the first deal is hard work and is best seen as a full time job. It then gets easier as you build your reputation.

Steve Curl

Private Equity Chair Viking Moorings, MachineWorks, Lightworks, SMD, Arkex, Tessella, Preservica, Tharstern – former COO PII Group Ltd