Photo: board meeting

During my executive career an ex-colleague introduced me to the owner of a local engineering company. My ex-colleague had started working there and invited both his boss and myself to Villa Park to watch Sunderland (my team) play (beat!) Aston Villa (his new boss’ team). When embarking on my non-executive career I informed my ex-colleague and he re-introduced me to his boss and informed him of my plans. Apparently Sunderland’s win hadn’t blotted my copybook, as he invited me to join their Board to help bring a greater strategic content to their thinking. As well as attending Board Meetings as a Non-executive Director, I sourced a sector market research from which I prepared a Strategic Review and Plan for the Board to consider. This came at a very opportune moment, just after completing the FT Non-executive Director Diploma, and gave me a first chance to “cut my teeth” as a non-executive!

Mike Blenkinsop

Portfolio Chair / NED including NED McDermott Building & Civil Engineering Ltd – former CEO Olaer Group