Photo: board meeting

I had been planning an iNED career for a while but didn't know where to start. I learned early on that perhaps 85/90% of the iNED roles I would enjoy and be strong at will never be advertised. So Networking was the only option for me. I reached out to all of the most senior people (because they have more relevant connections) I had met in my recent executive career and offered them a coffee. When I met them I asked all of them for an introduction to someone else who could be directly "present" when an iNED appointment is being discussed. I methodically followed up every name I was given. I met over 100 "strangers" in my first year but eventually one clicked via a senior partner at a national accounting firm. I have now had 3 iNED roles and currently chair an AIM listed business.

Duncan Crocker

Portfolio Chair / NED including Chair STM Group plc – former Managing Director of L&G’s UK Intermediated Housing & Mortgage Sector Business Unit